We support Stichting Dierenlot

Fritom companies support various regional charities and international initiatives on an individual basis, such as the recent support for aid organisations for Ukraine. 

The Fritom companies also choose a collective charity every year. In previous years the focus was on people (Stichting Jarige Job, Stichting Noordzeeziekte). This year the choice has been made to support animals.

At the end of August 2022 Marcel Punselie (Managing Director of TGN|Fritom) presented a cheque for € 10,000 to Hans Wijnhoff of Stichting Dierenlot on behalf of the Fritom Group.

Dierenlot is a Dutch foundation that works for animals in distress in the Netherlands. The foundation was established in 2004 and supports over 250 independent, local and regional animal rescue organisations.

Hans Wijnhoff accepted the cheque at the Dierenlot location in Arkel, and then provided a guided tour of the warehouse from where around 250 pallets of animal supplies (food, medicine, tools, etc.) are sent to animal shelters and sanctuaries in the Netherlands every two weeks. Hans' eloquent explanation of the diversity and scope of Stichting Dierenlot’s activities confirmed the positive sense that the Fritom companies have made a good choice in supporting this foundation.

If you would like to learn more about Stichting Dierenlot, please visit https://www.dier.nu

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