SKS skûtsjesilen

This summer Arnold de Jong acting on behalf of Fritom and René Nagelhout acting on behalf of SKS signed a three-year co-sponsorship contract. The Fritom Group is thereby supporting one of the most important events in Friesland: skûtsjesilen. As a logistics service provider, it is keen to attach its name to this annual sailing competition in which 14 old flat-bottomed boats that served as freighters in days gone by compete on the waters of Friesland for the champion's pennant. The SKS is a good fit with the Fritom Group, since Friesland and skûtsjesilen are part of Fritom's history. Arnold de Jong put it nicely at the contract signing: "Our company’s roots lie in transporting cargo under sail."

During the SKS skûtsjesilen, which took place from 30 July to 12 August this year, Fritom invited its guests to enjoy this beautiful event from the saloon boat Clasina on a number of competition days. Every race was once again a great experience: beautiful summer weather, enough wind, a huge number of spectators on and alongside the water, great races and enthusiastic guests on board. We will definitely be doing it again next year!

Foto Ondertekening René Nagelhout (SKS Voorzitter)