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Why choose the Fritom Group?

The Fritom Group offers a combination of knowledge and stability with the personal and flexible operation from each subsidiary. Due to this unique structure, you will benefit from the best of both worlds.

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If you are talking intensive logistic collaboration, you are saying Bidon|Fritom. With our fleet of 65 tankers we transport liquid products for the food, feed and tech industry.

ForvisionlFritom is happy to be your reliable and experienced partner who will take care of the sea or airfreight from A to Z.

Melkweg|Fritom is the logistic service provider for liquid products. With our fleet of 500 tank containers we transport liquids for the food, feed and tech industry.

Oldenburger|Fritom is known as the all-round partner for logistic solutions. We offer innovative and sustainable solutions customized to your business.

Sanders Fritom provides you with logistic peace of mind. In addition to traditional distribution, we are the specialist for all your shipments, from parcel to pallet.

96% of the TNG|Fritom clients recommend us to their partners. Why? Because we are the logistic service provider for customer focussed and smart logistic solutions.

Veenstra|Fritom makes unburdens and creates logistical peace of mind. We have been your reliable partner in transport, warehousing, logistic solutions, sea freight, and air freight for nearly 100 years.

Fritom Corporate is the holding company under which all Fritom companies are part of. Corporate provides support in the field of finances, risk management, strategy, legal affairs, business development, IT and R&D.